A year ago next month I started to have constant dizzy spells and headaches, Sometimes I’d even get nauseous with this. The past couple months have been some of the worst of my life. I’m in constant pain because of my headaches and they’ve only been getting worse. Last week they were so bad it felt like someone was drilling through my head. Now, almost 3 months after my head MRI scan I find out that my brain is clear of any tumours or anything that may be causing my headaches. What they have found though is a malformation of a part of my spine at my neck that could be causing either a build up of fluid in my brain or a a drop in pressure of said fluid and this could be causing the headaches. Now I have to go for another MRI only it’ll be a contrast MRI this time to get a better look at the malformation. Depending on what they find from this I may either need medication to control this or a may even need surgery to try and correct this. After almost a year I am ready to be done with all this. I’m just hoping they will be able to help reduce the pain after this next MRI scan.



We did a “First Kiss” experiment and asked 15 homophobic people to hug a gay stranger. 

And guess what. It wasn’t so bad.


"I think your whole sex thing is kind of gross."

"You remind me of my husband."

"Look at you! You’re gorgeous."

If I could take the phobe out of homophobe by just giving people a hug I TOTALLY WOULD. UGH. 

I see a tyre swing, and a tree house. We may wake up in a year and realize it was a huge mistake, but if it works.. oh my god, just thinking about it makes me smile so hard my face hurts.

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Best part of the episode!


They actually sort of talked! It’s a fucking miracle!

They still have so much to talk about though


nobody hates grey’s anatomy as much as the grey’s anatomy fandom

Why the hell was Ross not fired for that stunt?! I still really don’t like any of the interns apart from Jo

Surprise, surprise, they talk off screen and we just have to imagine what the conversation was between them. I’m really fucking tired of this shit!


Scottish Counties